Friday, December 10, 2010

Product Review: Zensah Calf Sleeves

Shin Splints Suck. Do something about it!

Who is sick and tired of dealing with shin splints? I know I am. I’m just out on a routine 8-miler, riding out my runner’s high to the fullest, when BAM, I go down one tiny hill and there it is, the tell-tale sharp pain on the inside of my tibia. Or maybe, as I get ready for some interval work on the track and I feel the edgy pain while doing high knees. Whenever the pain happens to
show its ugly face, it can be a nasty surprise. You may be tempted to just ignore it. The bad news? Sometimes even endless icing and stretching are not enough. My new favorite way to deal with shin splints is with a compression sleeve, namely Zensah’s calf sleeve.

At the height of shin pain, a calf sleeve alone will not HEAL you, but in my case and in many of yours I’m sure, your shin pain is recurring. It seems after my first bout with shin splints, I have become eternally susceptible to them. So, in order to prevent it altogether, or to help alleviate the signs of the dreaded splints, start wearing these sleeves. They’re also a good solution for calf pulls and tightness.

Zensah’s calf sleeves utilize compression technology to give your lower leg a whole h
ost of benefits. And no, it’s not just because wearing them makes you look “legit,” although they do that too.
  • First of all, their unique design targets your muscles in the right areas, from the supportive chevrons in the front to the calf hammock in back, all forming to the contours of your leg individually, giving maximum support.The compression also reduces jarring and vibration on sore muscles, and who doesn’t want that?
  • Second, the fabric is breathable with thermal regulation, so don’t let warmer temperatures scare you away from wearing them. We’re talking the best of moisture-wicking fabric here.
  • Third, Zensah uses what’s called “graduated compression.” This means the design of the sleeve helps increase blood circulation by actually pushing your blood up towards your heart, allowing your heart to pump oxygen rich blood back faster, providing you greater performance and even faster recoveries.
Basically, a calf sleeve is your classic win-win-win situation; Relieve current pain, prevent future pain, and look cool while doing it. We even carry them in the color red if you’re feeling festive!
Swing into 26.2 for your pair. And look out for the Zensah thigh sleeves while you’re at it. The possibilities are endless.

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