Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Product Review: Bodyglide

By David Bell & David Murphy

Rub, Rub, Rub. That’s the sound of the chafing that goes on for virtually everyone on long runs. Painful redness, stinging, burning, broken skin, and eventually bleeding are the symptoms. Chafing is caused by repeated motion -- specifically, skin rubbing against loose fabric or other skin. Chafing most often occurs around the bra line (women), nipples (men), inner thighs, and under the arms. Moisture, either from sweat or rain, can worsen chafing. It can also be caused by a poorly fitted bra. Old school techniques to combat chafing include Vaseline or band-aids. BodyGlide and is one of the top chafing and blister prevention products on the market.

Non-greasy, non-oily
Stands up to water and sweat
All natural vitamin E and aloe
Easy to apply
No mess, invisible

Shouldn’t share it with a running buddy

Won't clog pores
Perspiration escapes
Good in hot or cold weather
Washes off with soap

BodyGlide is a non petroleum based lubricant that is designed to prevent blisters and/or chafing in vulnerable areas, such as your feet, inner thighs, sports bra lines and underarms. Think of it as Teflon for your skin! Unlike other anti-chafing and blister products, such as Vaseline or Aquaphor, BodyGlide is not sticky or messy. It is sweat permeable meaning that it won’t
come off when you sweat. I sweat a lot so this is huge for me! It comes in a stick and is applied like a deodorant, leaving no sticky, oily or powdery residue. The protection lasts as long as you are running, 24 hours actually, yet BodyGlide comes off easily with soap in the shower.

I ran my first marathon, Deseret News, in 1993, back before many amazing running necessities were invented. There was an aid station that instead of handing out Energy Gels, had a table of licorice and other candy to keep the runners fueled. Wow! At the start of the marathon I lathered up with Vaseline. It wore off by mile ten and I had to stop at an aid station at which volunteers were handing out tongue depressor sticks that had a gob of Vaseline on them. By the end of the marathon my inner thighs were chafed. This same routine occurred when I ran my next marathon, The St. George. By my third marathon I had discovered Bodyglide. I ran past the Vaseline toting volunteers and relished in the fact that no stop was needed.

I’m not a skinny runner. I have thicker thighs and lats that rub against my arms as they swing. In college my coach had me stop doing the strength training regimen because I was bulking up too much. When I run a marathon I apply Bodyglide to my Lats (under arms), inner thighs, nipples, heels and toes. For my toes I apply it across the tips and use my fingers to work it in. This has saved my feet from blisters.

A similar product that I like just as much is Sport Shield. It comes in a roll-on form. It is more slick than bodyglide but because it rolls on in liquid form can be a little messy and feels greasy even though it is a non petroleum product.

I have it during triathlons. I apply it on my shoulders, torso, and legs before I put on my wetsuit. It makes a huge difference in getting the wetsuit off during transition.

BodyGlide's motto is that the product "stops trouble before it starts." And it's true. The only negative with BodyGlide is that, unlike a tub of Vaseline, it's not very easy to share. Because you have to roll-on the stick in some very, um, private areas, it's not something that you want to lend to a friend. It doesn’t really make you feel safe when a buddy asks if they can swipe down their groin with your Body Glide. I love bodyglide. Try it on your next run!

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  1. I use it because it works. It's relatively inexpensive, doesn't stain my clothes, and chafing hasn't been a problem whenever I use Glide. Love it!