Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nuun Review and Giveaway!

Most of us have finished a long run or race and ended up with an upset stomach. During my first Ragnar I had HORRIBLE stomach pain and later realized that it was due to drinking “sports drinks.” It took me months to figure out that the sugar in “sports drinks” does a number on my stomach. A physician friend also told me to stay away from said sports drinks during an event like Ragnar.

This fall I came upon a new product called Nuun, pronounced noon. The thing I love about Nuun is that it contains no sugar, nothing to upset my stomach. And with less than 8 calories per 16 ounce serving, I am not wasting my run burning through the calories that I have to drink to stay properly hydrated.

Nuun is a tablet that you simply drop into any water bottle. It comes with 12 tabs in one tiny little tube which mean 12 less plastic bottles that will end up in our landfills. Nuun isn’t an energy drink it is simply an electrolyte replacement drink. E•lec•tro•lyte (n): sodium and potassium ions required by cells for normal function and intercellular flow of water. As you sweat you lose these precious electrolytes that your body needs to function efficiently.

As someone who has run the last 11 miles of a marathon with cramped up quads, let me tell you that properly replacing your electrolytes is vital. The amount of sodium in traditional sports drinks just isn’t enough. Ever since I have started using Nuun I haven’t had a problem with cramping up. “The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people who are active for longer than one hour get 500-700mg of sodium for every liter of water they consume(three times more sodium than traditional “sports drinks” provide). Nuun provides 700mg of sodium for every liter.

Since I have switched from traditional sports drinks to Nuun my stomach is much happier. I like that it’s cheap, just $7 for 12 tablets that’s less than .60 per serving. Not only that, but 15% of sales for Nuun will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Nuun contains: 6 calories per tab
Sodium 360 mg
Potassium 100 mg
Calcium 12 mg
Magnesium 24 mg

Here is what Nuun has to say about hydration:
How do I figure out my personal hydration needs?
No two people are the same, so figuring out your sweat rate is the most accurate way to figure out your personal hydration needs. And weighing yourself before and after exercise is the most effective way to gauge your fluid needs. Any weight loss corresponds with fluid loss, so try to drink enough to replenish that weight. (Weight gain could mean you are drinking more than you need.)
Studies have found that a loss of 2% or more of one's body weight due to sweating is linked to a drop in blood volume. When this occurs, the heart works harder to move blood through the bloodstream. This can also cause muscle cramps, dizziness and fatigue and even heat exhaustion or heatstroke. For all the athletes out there, it can mean a major drop in performance, and for the rest of us, it makes for a really uncomfortable day.

Many elite athletes use Nuun and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

Now it's your turn to try Nuun for FREEEE!

We have 2 Nuun 4 packs to giveaway, these 4 packs sell for $24!

Now here is what you need to do to enter the Nuun GIVEAWAY:

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The second FREE 4 pack will be given away on Facebook. All you need to do is comment on our giveaway post and get all of your friends to "Like" your comment. The person with the most comments WINS!!!

You have until MONDAY, December 12!!!


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