Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Clothing Tips!

With the icy cold weather just around the corner it`s important to know how to be happy and comfortable on your runs. Just as shoes are extremely important for support and comfort, apparel can play a crucial role in your running experience.
1st layer should be support: Bras/Underwear. This is actually important year round. Guys and girls need to be secure while running to be able to focus on the running instead of chaffing, bouncing, etc. Guys, if your running shorts don`t provide enough support for you with the built in liner, get some good running underwear. This is also important for use under running tights. This is important for those of you who plan on having a family. Enough said.

2nd layer is a base layer: technical shirts, shorts/tights, running pants. This is the layer that touches your skin. These materials should be moisture wicking and non-chaffing.

3rd layer is a thermal layer: long sleeve shirts, running pants. In Utah it is frequently cold enough to need an extra layer to stay warm. Sometimes one layer of running pants isn`t enough, and tights need to be your base layer, with running pants as your thermal layer. For this purpose, all quality running apparel is made very thin. It keeps you warm with less bulk. SWEATS ARE A NO-NO. They are bulky and stay wet and heavy. Long-sleeve technical shirts are extremely versatile from mid-fall through the spring. When it isn`t cold enough, a long-sleeve technical shirt can be used as a base layer.

4th layer is a protective layer: Jackets. This layer protects you from the rain, wind, snow, etc. It keeps you dry, comfortable, and happy. Any time it`s gray outside, this is an important layer to bring with you. They also work well for some extra warmth and have zippers to release heat if you get over-heated, while continuing to protect you from the elements.

Other essentials. Keeping your head heat regulated has a lot to do with keeping the rest of your body heat regulated. A running cap or ear warmers are a great idea and are easy to take off and stash in a jacket pocket later in the run. Running gloves are also extremely important if you value the use of your fingers. Many models have thermal and protective layers. The last important item is arm-warmers. These are great for races where you want to wear your favorite running singlet and still keep your arms warm. Use them in any combination. The special materials used in these products are designed for comfort and efficiency.

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