Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CEP Compression Socks Review

As runners, we are always looking to find ways to improve our race times. From experience, we know that if our training improves, our races improve. What some of us may not know, is that the improvement of our training is directly correlated to how well we recover day to day; that includes our muscles, cardio and respiratory systems, and connective tissues. CEP running socks have found a way to do just that; with them, we can recover faster day to day, and even run faster in our workouts and races while wearing them.

CEP compression socks help recovery in a few different ways. For one, the graduated compression is specific to every calf size, and therefore is the perfect fit for everyone. With just the right amount of compression, CEP socks actually cause the arteries in the calf to dilate, reducing swelling in the muscles and connective tissue, and more quickly draining toxins and lactic acid built up due to running. The graduated compression means that they are tighter at the bottom of the leg, and get progressively looser as they approach the knee. CEP’s extensive research has found that this is the optimal way to increase muscle recovery.

The compression is also very effective at relieving the swelling of connective tissue. Compression socks can help with injuries such as shin splints and even achilles tendinitis. If you are injured, you won’t be able to set any PR’s in any event!

Not only do CEP compression socks aid in recovery, but they also directly improve performance while being worn. Due to the graduated compression and dilation of the arteries, blood is forced back up to the heart more quickly. This allows the blood to be re-oxygenated and re-circulated through the body again at a faster rate. CEP recommends wearing the compression socks in races, workouts, and after for recovery.

I wear my CEP compression socks during interval workouts, and will wear them this track season running for UVU. I have noticed that my times improve in interval workouts while wearing them, and I have especially noticed the advantages they give me in recovery. I have noticed that times improve while using these compression socks, and anything that will cut off even a few seconds from my 5K time, I will take advantage of!

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