Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nike GPS Watch

Are you in need of a motivating running partner? Perhaps, even a partner that will track your distance run, heart rate, pace, and calories burned all while setting goals and encouraging you? Lucky for you, 26.2 can provide you with that perfect partner in the new Nike + SportWatch GPS.

Introduced in April of 2011, the Nike + SportWatch powered by TomTom GPS combines the accuracy of GPS with the shoe-based Nike+ sensor to track time, pace, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Winner of two innovation awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in both the Health and Wellness and Personal Electronics categories, the Nike + SportWatch offers top of line technology to track and motivate runners worldwide.
• Different from other GPS watches, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS combines the accuracy of both a GPS and the shoe-based Nike+ sensor to track both indoor and outdoor runs.

• Onscreen run reminders help you get out the door and special programming lets you know when you have reached personal records.

• The large numbers and touch screen features make the Nike + SportWatch very user friendly!
• The wristband conceals a USB connector that you just flip open, plug into your PC and start logging every detail of your run.
• Your runs are chronicled by date, available for others to see, plotted against Google Maps, and your pace is overlaid in full color.

• 26.2 customers can purchase this watch and everything it has to offer for their running for a very affordable $199.99!

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