Saturday, September 17, 2011

Product Review: CEP Compression Shorts

Product Review: CEP Compression Sleeves, Socks and Shorts

By: Kari Clifford and Joe Bradley

Athlete Feedback-

“While racing in CEP Sportsocks I noticed that my legs felt sharp the entire run. Whenever I asked my legs for quicker turnover they were able to respond. I also noticed a faster recovery after racing with my CEP compression socks- and recovery is key to any great performance.”

- Andy Potts, Ironman 70.3 World Champion

“I don’t go anywhere without my CEP Clone. The 41 custom measurements and medical grade compression make all the difference. Whether it’s after workouts or while I’m traveling, my clone is always with me.”

Josh Cox, US 50K record holder

“ After 15 years of racing professionally, I believe that recovery and taking care of your body is vital and possibly the most overlooked aspect of racing by athletes of all levels. I use CEP socks in hard training sessions, and most importantly, in daily use. I am on my feet a lot with training and two kids… Life doesn’t stop so I need to know I am helping my legs throughout the day.”

Matt Reed, US Olympian & Triathlete

How the body works- According to CEP technologists, efficient, healthy blood flow is crucial to maximizing athletic performance. CEP technology enhances blood circulation, delivering more oxygen and improving the body’s ability to process lactic acid. To understand our technology, first learn how blood flows throughout the body:


- Transport oxygen-rich blood from the heart to organs and extremities.

- Use outer and inner muscular walls to maintain pressure and diameter.

- Arterial circulation is key for the athletes, assisting “peak Performance”


- Transport de-oxygenated blood from extremities back to the heart.

- Leg veins have the greatest pressure at the ankle because of gravity.

- Carry lactic acid and waste back through the blood’s filtration system to be re-circulated.

How CEP works: Every cell in the body needs oxygen for power. The arteries which have inner and outer walls that maintain diameter deliver these key nutrients. Recent discoveries reveal that inner arterial walls relax when a consistent, optimal amount of compression is exerted on the artery. Compression can increase arterial blood flow up to 40% during activity and 30% during recovery. As a result, athletes who use CEP products benefit from more oxygen and nutrients, gaining power, recovering more quickly and improving performance.


CEP is equipped with medi compression, which represents innovation, technology and expertise in medicine and sport. Six decades of research and development on the effects of compression flow into every CEP product. Dr. Wolfgang Kemmler, in the 2009 edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, published a study showing that runners using CEP Compression Sport socks had 5% faster running times while using 6% percent less energy.


- Enhances Performance and speeds recovery

- CEP technology helps athletes perform at their best in individual sport disciplines by combining compression and functionality.

- CEP products offer optimum physical comfort and the fastest possible regeneration before and after sport.

Reference- CEP Official Website

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